Meet the Taylor’s

IMG_2447Hey ya’ll! I’m Crystal and this handsome man sitting next to me is my husband, Cody. By day I’m a Surgical Technologist while Cody works for a natural gas company although we are both passionate about anything DIY.

We met the winter of 2010, my girlfriends and I decided to check out the college rodeo in town and ended up at a dancehall later that night. I was approached by a tall, handsome and extremely outgoing cowboy who asked me to dance. Forgiving me for my two left feet we exchanged numbers. Two weekends later he drove 5 hours to come visit me! After a few months and a few thousand miles added to my ford focus I made an impulsive decision to move to Weatherford OK to continue our relationship. 2 years later we packed our bags and headed to Codys hometown of Tulsa OK where we married in 2013. Both drifters at heart we recently moved to my hometown of Wellsville Kansas where we currently live.

Me on a Mission Trip to Haiti in 2011

To be completely honest, my DIY inspiration came from watching Junk Gypsies. If you havent seen the show, check it out! Two extremely talented sisters bring life to old, forgotten furniture. After watching a few episodes I thought, that doesn’t look too hard, I could figure that out!

$60 dollars and an old craigslist dresser later I had my first “creation”.  See the dresser Here!  Knowing I (with Codys pointers of course ) had refurbished this old dresser   into a charming piece of furniture was motivating. A couple years and a handful of creations later I have seen a boost in my creativity as well as my craftsmanship skills nevertheless learning something new with every renovation.

Cody loves kisses from our fur babies 🙂
Cody is your quintessental handyman. He has always had a knack for anything DIY from fixing cars/trucks, welding, home maintaice, repairs and woodworking.
Often times I will form pictures in my mind of DIY projects without thinking through the actual mechanics of the assembly process. That’s where Cody comes in and flawlessly brings that image to life.
Being creative individually we’ve always naturally gravitated toward hobbies we can combine our talents. Lately we’ve been blessed to incorporate our many hobbies under the broad “DIY” umbrella.
Recently we purchased our first home AND first fixer upper! Possibly crazy, yes but we’re plunging in head first. Hopefully you stick around to witness our chaotic yet realistic journey in the DIY world and you never know, we may inspire you to start your own 🙂

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