William Marshall Taylor

Before giving birth I got tired of hearing people say “everyone loves telling their birth story, just wait!” Surely I won’t be that person, I thought. I’m not one to brag or tell the same story over and over again. Well, here I am telling my birth story for the 100th time and loving it every time. So if you’re not into hearing birth stories like I was just skip to the cute baby pictures at the end. 🙂

While at work the Thursday before my baby shower I started feeling a lot of pressure and some cramps. It being my first pregnancy I had no idea what to expect and what things would feel like but I remembered always hearing people say “birth is the worst pain you will ever feel” and “you will know it when you’re in labor.” The  feeling was definitely not pain, just different. Being a slow day at work I decided to walk over to labor and delivery triage to get checked out. (I conveniently work at the hospital I delivered at.) Come to find out, my cervix was over half way thinned and I was dilated to a 2. Because I wasn’t due for another 5 weeks they gave me a shot to strengthen baby Taylors lungs (we hadn’t decided on a name at this point) just in case he showed up early and I was sent on my way back to work. That next Tuesday night I woke up to contractions but none were what I considered to be horrible pain plus they weren’t 4 minutes apart so I went back to sleep. That next morning I went into work still having contractions and feeling very sluggish. I set up for an all day surgery I was scrubbing in on, thankfully training the guy who was taking my spot while I was on leave. After talking to the surgeons nurse practitioner I decided something maybe going on so I told the team I would be back and again walked over to labor and delivery triage.

Once I got there I was informed my water broke several hours ago and I was slowly leaking leaving me zero amniotic fluid. I texted the nurse I was working with to tell her I would not be coming back and was being admitted to have the baby that day! It seemed so surreal. Cody rushed to the hospital also in disbelief about what was happening. It was 9am and I was given medicine to get things going and at 3 pm I was given an epidural which was a heaven sent! We sat there all day filling our amazon cart with items we didn’t yet have for baby Taylor also narrowing down our list of names. The candidates were Lincoln, William or Hank all having the middle name of Marshall. (Codys late father who’s birthday was baby Taylors original due date).  It was April 11 at 10:01pm when William Marshall Taylor made his entrance into the world weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces and measuring 18 inches long. We ended up staying in the NICU for 5 days before heading home as a family. After 5 long years of praying for a baby we are blessed with a healthy beautiful baby boy. 🙂

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