Detached Garage / Shop Part 1

I absolutely love big old trees surrounding a house but with no garage I was terrified every windy day that a branch would fall on my car. This worry along with a few other factors like Cody needing a wood shop and lawn equipment storage ( not to mention the growing supply of tools ) lead us to our decision to build a detached garage. For anyone who knows us, or followed enough of our posts you could probably guess Cody was not going to hire a company to do the work for him. We ordered a custom kit from Menards (super easy!) where they delivered it straight to our house. We even had a couple pieces get bent in the process which they painlessly traded them out for new ones.

After cutting down a tree and cleaning / leveling a space (which you can find in Let the summer fun begin! ) we were ready to start building.

Because there were 1 million  + steps to building this, I’m going to fast forward through a lot. If you have any questions about details please contact us and Cody can further explain it to you 🙂



Because we are adding a bathroom and heated floors out here we have to dig trenches for the utilities.


Next, we laid the hoses for the heated floors.


Its concrete time!




Finally, the garage doors are up!



We still have quite a few details to finish such as, windows, doors, separating garage from shop, bathroom, etc. Because preparing for baby Taylor’s arrival is priority so those details are put on hold for now and Cody is hoping to work on them this next summer. Stay tuned 🙂







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