Summer”ish?” Update #3

As summer quickly disappeared and it’s midway through fall we’re no where near where we expected to be with renovations but we’re moving forward. Thats all that matters, right? 😉

If you haven’t checked out our plan / recent updates you can see them here Summer Reno Plans..It’s a lot…Let the summer fun begin! and Summer Renovations Update #2.

Most recently we replaced our back door as well as the screen door. The wood stain matches our front door. Because our house is mostly white and neutrals I painted the screen door blue for a little pop of color 🙂



The back deck is in progress. Our plan is to wrap it around the back of the house with steps leading toward our garage. Before it can be finished we need to get some garage supplies out of the way.


Pie Selves were popular at the time our little house was built a century ago so we decided to bring that detail back. I think it is my favorite 🙂 Once our deck is done we are planning on putting some stools out here for a little outside eating area.


The shelf is also stained the same color as the doors ↑

As you’ve probably noticed, the new siding is up and painted on the west side of the house PLUS it’s finished and painted on the whole house, which is such a good feeling!


Back of house ↓


We’ve also replaced both sidewalks, one on the side going into the back door and the one in the front of the house.


(Ignore the porch steps, they’re temporary 😉 )



I cannot wait to do some landscaping and decorate the porch! Cody is planning on making a new porch swing once his shop is up and running and I would love a couple rocking chairs plus hanging plants 🙂

The garage is well underway which I will save for our next post 🙂 Stay tuned!






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