Family Vacation 2017

On Cody’s side of the family everyone lives in a different state which makes our annual family vacation a must so everybody catches up. This year we rented a house for a week right outside of Seligman AZ.

On the way we stopped for a night in Albuquerque NM where my car unfortunately got broke into 😦 Embarrassingly we left quite a bit of belongings in the car which of course, all got taken. This happened on a Sunday so we were unable to get my window replaced until Monday, which meant a six hour car drive with a cardboarded-up window. *insert eye-roll followed by sigh*

Untitled design-2

Fortunately, our insurance covers these situations and we are able to replace almost everything. Moral of the story: when leaving small town Kansas make sure to take all your belongings into the hotel with you, not everyone is as nice as they are back home!

Ps. Cody ended up surprising me with a new (replacement) camera that next week! (what a sweet guy! πŸ™‚ )

The home we stayed at was gorgeous! Β It included this awesome western bar as well as this pretty outside fire pit where we spent most of our evenings.

Untitled design-3

Tuesday we rode a train to the Grand Canyon which was absolutely breathtaking!

Untitled design-4

We’re pretty blessed with some adorable nieces and nephews!

Untitled design-5

Wednesday we traveled to Sedona AZ which is such a cute town. It reminds me a lot of our closest town back home, Lawerence KS.

(My sister-in-law and I had too much fun trying on cute hats β†“Β πŸ™‚ )

Untitled design-6

Thursday we relaxed a little where I played with my new camera on a walk and the girls enjoyed a piano lesson with uncle Cody πŸ™‚

Untitled design-8

I’m not one to take pictures of food but dang, that blueberry cream pie was too pretty not to take a picture. Plus it tasted just as good as it looks πŸ™‚

Friday we visited the Hoover Dam and walked the strip in Vegas. Of course, Cody and I couldn’t go to Vegas and not gamble. Although we didn’t win anything it was still fun.

Untitled design-9

Untitled design10

Untitled design11

Saturday morning we headed back to KS where we drove all night and got home at 5am!

Vacation was fun but being a home-body I was ready be back in our normal routine of things and of course, I was missing our pups. Now it’s back to working on the house! I’m sure I’ll have updates soon!





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