Let the summer fun begin!

Our summer renovations have begun! Before starting anything else we had the tree cut down to make room for the garage.


Pictures do not do the mess justice. Haha. You don’t realize how big a tree is until it’s laying in your yard! There was definitely a couple days of clean up involved. Cody is saving and taking the big pieces to a mill so he can make some furniture out of it πŸ™‚

Untitled design-2

We picked up our siding. We went with unfinished and are painting it white because it is soooo much cheaper to do it yourself.


That means its bye-bye siding and bead board so we can get started!

We’re replacing the siding one section at a time. Since we are doing these projects after work we don’t want the sides of the house exposed for long periods of time in case we can’t get to it for awhile. We went with the front under the porch first.


The front wall was pretty crooked which drove Cody crazy! We re-straightened it up (also adding new insulation ) before placing the plywood followed by a wrap and the siding.


Untitled design-6


What a difference the new siding makes!!!

Our windows are original to the house meaning they’re 100 years old! Naturally, there were a few cracks in a couple (our bedroom window being one of them) so when Eli was getting teased by squirrels and bumped his nose to the window it finally gave out and shattered. Eli was a little scared but ok! Thankfully we already ordered our replacement windows and only went a couple nights with the broken glass.

Ps. Have you noticed something else new in the above pictures….maybeeeee a dooor?!?!?! Yes, we also got a new door!!! We bought the door unfinished for $120 from home depot and picked out the stain as well as the hardware. Finished solid wood doors on average range from $800-$1,200 so we saved some money there πŸ™‚



We replaced the bead board with wood called ‘car siding’. I still can’t decide if I want to stain it or just polyurethane it. What do you think?


Our new front windows came in!


β€’ Please excuse the deck, now that Cody has perfected his carpentry skills he wanted to replace a few (which turned into all) the top boards on the deck.Β β€’


Progress is being made! Stay tuned πŸ™‚








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