Summer Reno Plans..It’s a lot…

Since day 1 of owning our little house we have planned on moving as soon as the renovation was finished to a slightly bigger place with more land and closer to the city. Promise, we’re not picky though πŸ˜‰ With our renovation nearing an end the little house is growing on us. We have (for now) decided to stay for a couple more years until some “mini Taylor’s” come along and we need more rooms πŸ™‚ With that said, besides convenience a garage would add value to our home. Once the garage plans were official we decided, why not do more?!

So, here are our official summer plans….

The garage. It will be a 2 car garage on one half then Cody’s shop on the other.

A picket fence will also be incorporated around the building. We have a double lot so we will still have a front yard. I am probably most excited about the fenced in area for the dogs! haha


Here is the drive way that will eventually lead you in through the garage doors. Sad to say, the tree has to go 😦

Untitled design-3

We are putting matching siding on the back side of the house and new siding on the rest of the house!

Untitled design-4

The sides of the house will obviously have new siding as well along with new windows and frames. (Our tools will have a spot in Codys shop instead of outside! haha)


Same with this side also the old ac window is going bye-bye!


We’re tearing up the side walks in both places, re-pouring and re-centering them as well as adding landscaping!


Lastly we’re replacing the bead board!


Updates to come! πŸ™‚










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