Bathroom Renovation Part 3: The Finale!

This is the Finale of my 3 part bathroom renovation! Please feel free to check out  Bathroom Renovation Prt 1 and Bathroom Renovation Part 2.  We would love to hear your feedback! 🙂

In this Final bathroom post we will be reveling:

How to create a Shiplap accent wall on a budget

I was set on having a shiplap accent wall in our bathroom thanks to Joanna Gaines 😉  Once I looked into buying some I was devastated to find its rather expensive. Thankfully Codys a pretty handy guy and figured out how to turn a normal 1×6 into a piece of shiplap.

Here is our wall ↓


First, cut your board to the length of the wall. Using (carefully) a table saw, set fence to 1/4 inch. Our blade we are using is also a 1/8 inch wide which makes the cut 3/8 inch. Run your cut on the edge of the board and the length of the board. Then flip it over and do a mirror cut on the other side.

Making Shiplap

Next, Carefully use a nail gun to place your boards on the wall. We started from the bottom and worked our way up using a few pennies as width spacers.


Yes, that is my pink hammer ↓ … I bought my own toolset in Pink so Cody wouldn’t use it but unfortunately that hasn’t stopped him 😦


Above you can see how we stuck a penny in-between the boards. Its centered right under the top board. See it???

After All the boards were up he surprised me with these cute corner shelves! ♥


I used bathroom paint that is mildew resistant in light grey on the walls and shelves. (I wasn’t very good at documenting progress during this reno so I don’t have a picture of the wall painted pre decorating 😦  )

After a very long couple months our bathroom is complete!




I’m beyond excited our bathroom is complete. Let us know what you think and If there are any questions about how anything was done!




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