Dog Feeder

Instead of tossing our scraps from our Kitchen Renovation Part 1 and Kitchen Renovation Part 2 Mr. Taylor got pretty crafty with a much needed dog feeder / dog food storage box.

Having a small house and hating clutter (horrible combination) I naturally grew sick and tired of tripping over bowls and looking at our cheap clear storage container full of dog food. Getting a few ideas from Pinterest (duh 😉 ) Cody altered what we liked/disliked from those ideas posted to create our own version.

We used:

  • plywood
  • 1×2 pine boards
  • scrap oak flooring
  • 2 drawer slides
  • 2 hinges

→ Because everyone might want a different size feeder I’m not including “in depth” measurement details. If you would like those details we would be more than happy to add them. Just let us know 🙂 ←

Start by deciding how much dog food you would like it to hold. Ours holds a little over 50 pounds and measures 19 1/2 inches wide 20 inches deep and 26 inches tall including the slide out drawer for the bowls which is 10 inches tall.

Helpful Hint: We bought our dog bowls before making the feeder and incorporated their width into the width of the feeder from the start also allowing space in-between the bowls.


Use plywood to make your box including the bowl drawer underneath it. We trimmed the edges and drawer with a 1×2 pine board to pretty it up.


Once the slides are on the drawer its time for the bowl holes. Start by drawing your holes then use a paddle bit to make a hole in the center of your circle and finish making your hole with a jig saw. Do the same to the other bowl hole.

For the lid we used left over oak flooring pieces. We ended up making it a little larger than we wanted the lid then cut it to size for crisp straight edges.


We used a couple pieces of plywood to attach the hinges to the top and finished the lid by using pine trim around the edges.


After using wood filler to cover the nail holes, sanding it with my palm sander and a very fine 220 grit paper we stained it with Minwax’s Dark Walnut (my favorite color!)

Untitled design-2


I’m so pleased with the way it turned out! Like I said, if you would like any more details at all please feel free to let us know. We would be more than happy to help!

Happy DIYing!






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