Bathroom Renovation Part 2

→ Check out Bathroom Renovation Prt 1 to catch up with our Bathroom Series 🙂 ←

Because there is sooo much that goes into a total room renovation our bathroom project has been broken up into 3 parts. Today we are revealing the:

Vanity, Shelves and Flooring

We bought our vanity as a set from Home Depot as well as the light fixture. It did not come with a mirror so I bought that separate on clearance from Walmart and found the cabinet door knobs at Hobby Lobby.

Untitled design



By the way, how cute are these knobs?! ↓


 On the Shelves we simply removed the doors, put new sheet rock up, painted and  replaced the old shelves with nicer quality wood. I bought my baskets at Bed Bath and Beyond. 



Finally the Flooring!

We both gravitated toward wood flooring but not only is tile cheaper its more appropriate for the bathroom. Luckily we found tile that looked similar to wood. Whoop Whoop!

First, we evenly spread thin set on the bare floor.

As the tile is being laid we used tile spacers to leave room for grout. We used black colored grout.

*Helpful Hint: After your grout dries I would immediately use a grout sealant. We put it off until our black grout faded into a light grey. We ended up fixing it with grout renewal you can get here. *




We are sooo close to being done! Perks of a small house 🙂 Stay tuned, Part 3 will be posted soon!

→ Like always, let us know if you have any questions. We would love to help 🙂








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