Kitchen Renovation Part 2

Here is the 2nd and final part to our tiny kitchen renovation! Check out Kitchen Renovation Part 1 if you haven’t already.

Like I said in part one, we restored our hardwood floors first before anything else in the kitchen. Check out our process with → How to: Remove Linoleum FlooringHow To: Repair Hardwood Floors and How to: Restore Hardwood Flooring.

Luckily with this side of the kitchen there wasn’t much demolition needed.


The only thing we had to remove was the washer / dryer closet (which we moved downstairs) and thankfully was super easy compared to the other side!


Next, we placed the refrigerator and stove where they needed to go and started building around them.


Lack of storage space is pretty much a given for any small house. I decided it would be practical to add storage for your tall cleaning supplies to the right of the refrigerator and another bigger cabinet on top for any extra storage needed.


Which of course was painted white along with everything else.


Next, we added 3 outlets, hung the microwave plus made a shelf above it for cookbooks then started on cabinets for either side of the stove.


To the left of the stove I thought it would be handy to have 2 big drawers for pots and pans instead of another cabinet.


We obviously used the same oak butcher block countertop we used on the other side of the kitchen. Cody cut and planed the individual pieces then we sanded, wood filled and polyurethaned them.


Lastly, we went with open shelving on this side using the same wood as the countertop keeping the edges live to add a little character


Here’s some pictures of the completed project!



Im an extremely indecisive decorator so there will be another post eventually with our kitchen decor. I was just so excited to post this I didn’t want to wait until it was decorated 😉 Let us know what you think!




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